Terms and Conditions,Returns and Refunds

Terms and Conditions

Stainless steel sundials are made to to suit the exact latitude of your location, and to your exact engraving requirements, so we ask for a 50% non-returnable deposit with your order.
We will then start making your sundial, which typically takes 3 - 5 weeks. During this time, we agree with you the exact wording of the engraving you require.
We then send you a pdf image of the sundial with its engraving, and ask you to "sign it off" to confirm that it is exactly what you require.
This is for our mutual protection, and to ensure there is no misunderstanding.
At this stage we ask you to pay the remaining 50% deposit, plus the delivery charge (20 in UK, cost + insurance abroad) and we will then despatch yur sundial to you. These arrangements ensure that you get a sundial to your exact requirements, as so many satisfied customers have done over the last 15 years.

Returns and Refunds

As you will see from our Terms and Conditions, all our sundials are custom-made for each new location and customer, and we ask customers to "sign off" the pdf picture of the engraving on their sundial.

We only accept returns if the engraving on the sundial is not in accordance with the pdf you have signed; in this case, we would give you a full refund, including the deposit, when the defective dial has been returned to us.

We do not accept returns, or give refunds, in any other case. You will understand that the sundial has been made especially for your location and to your engraving requirements, so there is not possibility of selling it to anyone else.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Piers Nicholson by Email at info@stainless-sundials.com or by phone on 07 909 747 335 (0044 7909 747 335 from abroad)